The Man, the Myth, the Probable Rapist?

Louis C.K..

What is C… K…?

Some fans believe it stands for Constant wanKing. Because he was, allegedly, probably, constantly wanking.

Louis C.K. is a man.

He is a comediman.

He is back on the scene now after the allegations and the admitions (new word I invented it just now, works though, a necessary word, you get it) of sexual misconduct. But if you ask me female comedians deserve to be abused. Or do they? I’m asking questions.

Louis C.K. was previously revered as one of the greatest comedians of all time. He was rated above Chappelle, above Robin Williams, above Sarah Millican, above Funnylickus of Rome or Greece, whatever the stem of that word is.

But now, ruined. He was once just a ginger man who was fat and from probably Michigan or was it Boston? Masachussetts. No it’s Boston, yh he’s form Boston, I remember now. No I’m not going to retype what I said. That’s for twats.

He was a man from Boston who then wrote comedy things for comedy programmes like SNL or something.

Then he got good at comedy when he did some comedy specials for comedy programmes. Then he was like th eman to beat. And he’s good. I like him. H’es good.

He was the fucking legend. ANd then it came out that he did some sex stuff with people who agreed to doping sex stuff but like they didn’t want it.

I dunno.

I really have trouble with it. I’m gonna be honest and not funny and say that I don’t think in the terms some cnts do where they’re fully on his side but also I’m not gonna be fully against the cunt cos I hav eno idea what happened. Like one cunt said he wanked off whilst talking to her on the phone about business shit but she could hear him wanking.

Like that is fucking gay as a shit. That’s not something a normal cunt should do. But like it’s not like even immoral. It’s just weird. Doesn’t hurt shit. Makes the cunt on the other end of the line feel weird but like hang the fuck up you dumb cunt. It’s not phone rape. That’s not a thing. You’re there talking about how fucking hurt yo were and how terrible this is and how you like being a face of the ‘me too’ movement. Fuck you. You realise some fucking serious shit went down right? Fuck you. You are not on the level of actual victims you dumb cunt fucking bitch.

But he’s a fucking weirdo. But duh. Look at the cunt.

K, but is it rape to wank off at someone aggressively, in the room now, without them giving permission. Fuck no it’s not rape.

It’s something. Oh my it’s something. But it’s not rape. Fuck you you rape belittler if you think it is. And no I don’t think this is funny. I’m just typing shit cos I’m bored and have nothing better to do.

Anyway. His bit on Jasanthapuss is funny but also hes a bad person and is probably a rapist but like who defines what a  rape technically is. He’s a fiddler though, definite fiddler.


There. I finally wrote that title. No I know it’s not that good. It doesn’t live up to the  hype but nothing had been written in a while. Yh I know, it was probably only me hyped for that title but I really like it.

I thought it would never be written o I wrote it cos fuck it who knows when the next rape scandal would be. I didn’t like waiting for the next rape scandal and hoping it would come soon so that I could write an article with that title. It was weird.


Jesse Eisenberg is Heisenberg – Fan Theory

Jesse Eisenberg is a jewish name.

Heisenberg is a jewish name

Berg + Berg = 2 Bergs

2 Bergs with 1 stone

The latin word for stone is lapis.

Lapis is a blue stone.

Heisenberg cooks blue crystal meth.


Not enough? Well how about this?

Jesse Eisenberg played Mark Zuckerberg is the film the Social Network.

Mark Zuckerberg is a jewish name.

Berg + Berg + Berg = 3 Berg

The three stooges were 3 jews also.

The three stooges began their work in 1925. Werner Heisenberg began his work in 1925.

Coincidence? I think not.


Still not enough? How about this?

Mark Zuckerberg is a crazed murderer on a dissent into evil, who has betrayed those closest to him and his imminent death will be of his own creating.

Jesse Eisenberg played Mark Zuckerberg.

Jesse Eisenberg played Heisenberg in the TV series Breaking Bad.

Top 10 Bad things

  1. The Rape of Don King. Still haunts me.
  2. The Holocaust.
  3. Kent.
  4. People who are like, ‘hey… you know what the best pizza is?… Margherita.’ What cunts.
  5. Spicy spicy oh so spicy.
  6. The Big Bang Theory. The Universe is 8,000 years old so fuck off with your stupid space shit Einstein.
  7. Religion. The Big Bang Theory is a great show so fuck off with your religious god shit you fat turd cunt thermonuclear cunt face. (Tat was going to say motherfucking but i typed it wrong, went to correct it, and it suggest ‘thermonuclear.’)
  8. 9/11
  9. Eleven.
  10. Jurassic World.

Paragraph Tuna

This right here bois.

This is Tuna.

This is paragraph tuna. Coming at you live from the advent calendar.

Is it a rap album? Is it a rap name? Is it rap related? Is it a literary term? Is it a fish?


This is Paragraph Tuna.